Featured Customer

Abe and company have been taking care of my cars since they opened for business many years ago. I ALWAYS get first class treatment. They care about my vehicles and me! Prices are also very reasonable. Do your self and your vehicle a favor and come to A and J Auto Repair.

Priscilla S.

My wife and I took our car into a and j auto repair to have them take a look at it. the car was in really bad shape. leaking, dying, etc it was so bad that the car would not even get up to 25 mph you would have to floor it in order to get it to even 20. after a couple of days of FREE diagnosis..... yes I said FREE. a and j had the issues figured out. The leak was due to a bad radiator and the dieing/slow car was due to a vap leak. a and j had both of those fixed in the matter of days AND at a fair price. Don't go to big dealerships where they will just rip you off. go to a and j auto repair I HIGHLY recommend them for all your auto needs. The only bad thing I could say about them is they totally need to get a bigger parking lot.

Jeremiah Draves